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Another Razamatazz Magic exclusive. Children's cartoon themed magic trick based on an original effect by Wayne Dobson which is 100% self working and guaranteed to delight adults and children alike, but now in Stage A4 card size. Like the original Tricky Toons but now in an easy A4 folder size.



The magician displays two sets of Jumbo cards and a prediction. The sets have the names of famous children's cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny. One pile of cards to the left has the first names of the cartoon characters, the other to the right has the last names. A single prediction card is placed in the middle of the two piles.

As the trick progresses the cards are turned over one by one to show that the names match up. They are then returned to their original piles and mixed up so no one knows what position the names are in. The top card from each pile is turned over and are supposed to match, but disaster .... They don't match !!!


Great comedy ending

So what did the magician predict with the middle card ?
The prediction card is turned over to reveal a funny cartoon picture with sucker ending.


Beautifully illustrated

The jumbo A5 sized cards are beautifully illustrated with every character name having it's own special cartoon font. Every name has a different coloured background and all the card backs show a fun cartoon TV. Visually stunning.


Wayne Dobson

This is a children's version of Wayne Dobson's
Split Personality card trick and includes a set of 19 beautifully illustrated jumbo cards and full instructions. 100% self working and very easy to do. Guaranteed to delight adults and children alike.

Special thanks to Wayne for his help and support in making this trick but also to Michael J Fitch for his original input.

Tricky Toons Stage Size

SKU: 10
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