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For many years I have wanted to add the world-famous Hippity-Hop Rabbits or Elusive Rabbits to my everyday kids show. But I have never been satisfied by a set, they have either looked too dated and old or have fiddly workings.

So we at Razamatazz Magic have come up with our very own version "Hip-Hop Rabbits" in our opinion these are the best looking and working set currently on the market. 


Our sets are made from birch ply and work using magnets, so there are no fiddly hooks or loads, they work pretty much automatically, match the hat with the small dot to the base with the small dot and the magic just works!! you can even lift of the hat with just one hand.


We have also made the hats to look like bright purple hats, where the hat bands are different colours. and of course, we just had to use our famous "Rodney Rabbit" to match with all our other props.


The basic effect:


Start by showing two hats, one with a white band and one with a brown band, lift of the hats to show that inside are two rabbits, one white, under the white banded hat and the other brown. Now using "magic" make the rabbits switch places multiple times, back and forth. this is until the children catch you out by realising that you are just turning the hats around! after lots of shouting and being convinced that they have guessed how the tricks done, you can reveal that infact the rabbits are a completely different colour on the back!


So brighten up your show with this new re-vamped classic to keep the kids guessing and everyone laughing. 


More in production and back in stock soon.

Size of each hats is approx 370mm x 250mm

Razamatazz Hip-Hop Rabbits

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