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Another Razamatazz Magic exclusive. Potty Painting is an exciting modern magic painting trick where the magician magically makes a blank birthday card turn into a full colour birthday card to give to the special child. But it's not that easy as the trick it goes horribly wrong with lots of laughs!


This is a great prop that has been designed by magicians for magicians ! The beauty of this effect is it can be used with any colour changing routine in your existing show. The actual transformation of the card is very deceptive and also very easy to perform using no slights or complicated moves. This allows the performer to concentrate on the presentation and not worry about getting the magic to work.
But here is the best bit ! Because the final card is an A4 size folded in half, the entertainer loads the pre-printed birthday card into their own home printer and prints the birthday child’s name inside (plus his / her logo and contact details) However the final card can be blank inside (for magicians who do not wish to use a home printer) and the magician can write child's name with a sharpie marker pen etc, or the last stage can be repeated with a pre-printed card after the blank card has been displayed.

The special material and special laminating process we use to make the final birthday card enables the entertainer to print directly onto it - after about 30 seconds it is dry but looks like it was professionally printed on the card all along, so the booker will assume you have had it specially made. (Using draft fast print only - saving ink as well)

Because the cards are made from good quality card stock and high quality finish - you will see that this is not a budget card. Also because the card is normal sized they are more likely to keep it rather than other effects on the market and it takes pride of place with all their other birthday cards because it was made by magic !!! The modern look and way it creates the final card, will work well with most ages!



Now for the very first time a new way to paint a magic picture.

At last, a modern way of magic painting where a real birthday card is made by magic for today’s magicians ! You have seen magic effects that miss-spell or miss-make a picture. You have seen effects where the child can keep the magic picture as a gift, but have you seen one that does both?

Razamatazz Magic proudly presents Potty Painting. You magically paint a picture but this time on a birthday card, which has been described by some magicians as "the most amazing painting effect ever" !!!


The set includes the specially created Potty Painting machine fully laminated (for hard wearing - long lasting use) -
A set of gimmick Rabbit cards & thick coloured envelope (set comprises of: Blank card - Black and White print card - Messy card) A set of gimmick Clown cards & thick coloured envelope (again set comprises of: Blank card - Black and White print card - Messy card)

With professionally made, easy to understand full colour instructions including colour diagrams, and 20 birthday cards (10 Rabbit & 10 Clown) to give away. Replacements are available in kids magic section

Potty Painting

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