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A picture of your iPad/Tablet computer is shown to the audience and you
explain how you keep it in its case to keep it safe, you wouldn’t want
anything bad to happen to it now would you!!!
After you have put it in its case (nice and safe) you bash the case with
your hand whilst explaining how it’s nice and SAFE!!
To confirm just how safe it is you remove it from the case to show it
again. But wait…….OH NO!! It’s all smashed!!
Not to worry, you are a magician! You simply place it back inside the
case, give it a little magic wave and pull it out fully restored back to
its “factory settings” MAGIC!!! You can do this as many times as you
like, it is up to you. OK now after a while the audience will cotton on
that you are just turning the picture around, this is where all the
funny bits of business take place “turn it around” “no not that way” and
so on….
Eventually you do turn it around but just before you ask your lovely
audience “what’s often on the back of an iPad/Tablet?” you then say “an
Apple” then you can slowly turn around your picture of your iPad/tablet
to revel a picture of an apple.
As a real kicker ending you can also let a real apple drop out from
behind the picture MAGIC!!

Supplied are a lovely designed matt laminated gimmick, a matt
laminated picture card and Red card case.

Click here for instructional video :- (password provided with trick when purchased)


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