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With all the fun we have had with Rabbit Rampage and Santa’s Surprise over the last 10 years we thought it would be great to finally release a Halloween version. This trick is the perfect Halloween trick for the professional children’s entertainer or magician and will keep the audience laughing and shouting throughout.


More details:

A folder is shown with a picture of a haunted house, inside the folder is picture of a Halloween party but wait! there are no guests!

The children are asked what kind of guests would go to a Halloween party? The performer now shows a number of brightly coloured cartoon spooky pictures. As the creatures are shown the children are encouraged to make the sounds of the creatures or do the actions. The performer can ask ”Who thinks Frankenstein should go to the party?” and the children will respond. Finally after going through all the picture cards the performer shows a picture of a Skeleton. The performer asks “Who thinks Skeleton should go to the party?” YES!! should the children, The performer replies with “no, the skeleton can’t go to the party, do you know why?..... He’s got no BODY to go with!! But with a little bit of magic let’s see if we can get him to the party”
The Skeleton card is turned around face down. After a lot of fun Skeleton is made to disappear. Everyone thinks he’s now at the Halloween party but when you open the folder no!! he is still nowhere to be seen. You can try this a number of times and the laughs get bigger each time. Suddenly when all hope is lost the children spot the cheeky Skeleton peeking out of the side of the haunted house and then the other side and then the top, of course the children take no time in telling the performer this but every time the performer looks the Skeleton hides back inside.

After much fun and laughter and another magic spell the skeleton is eventually found inside the haunted house at the party with all his spooky friends with a big cheer from the audience.

Halloween Rampage

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