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Get ready to have a ball with the NEW colour changing sponge ball from Bizzaro! The sponge ball is one of the most popular props in magic.

Add a new dimension to your existing routines or develop completely new effects with this practical and versatile utility prop.
What can you do with the Colour Changing Sponge Ball? Take a look at the demo video.


SUPER VISUAL ! It changes before their very eyes!

EASY TO DO! Clever design makes it all possible.

PLAYS BIG ! Just as effective on stage as close-up.

These balls are hard to find and never hang around for long. You'll probably want to buy at least two so you can do the transpositions seen in the demo.

Each package includes one special gimmick sponge ball and complete instructions.


Please note:

We have reduced the price of the Red/Yellow balls as the colour has run on the balls

Colour Changing Sponge Ball (Bizzaro)

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